Some Like It Scott

007 Countdown Part 8 - Quantum of Solace

September 12, 2021

Hello everyone and welcome to Some Like It Scott's latest Countdown miniseries: the 007 Countdown. This time, in honor of the upcoming release of the 25th film in the franchise, NO TIME TO DIE, Scott, Scott, and Jay will be revisiting an abridged selection of 007 films to see how James Bond has evolved across decades, storylines, directors, and actors. Starting with the legendary performances of Sean Connery in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE and GOLDFINGER and ending with the full retinue of Daniel Craig's performances across the last decade and a half, the countdown crew will give their thoughts on 10 different Bond films. Join us each week as we dissect a different Bond film!


On the eighth episode of the countdown, Scott, Scott, and Jay pick up right where the previous episode left off, with the direct sequel to Daniel Craig's first outing, QUANTUM OF SOLACE. QUANTUM OF SOLACE barely misses a beat in picking the story back up, as Craig's Bond is racing the famous Aston Martin down a mountain road after kidnapping Mr. White at the end of CASINO ROYALE. Ultimately managing to outrun and outsmart his pursuers, he returns to the MI6 Siena, Italy safehouse. During interrogation, however, it is revealed that White's organization, the mysterious group known only as Quantum, has tendrils stretching all the way into MI6 itself. M's personal bodyguard turns double-agent, makes an attempt on Bond's and M's lives, and then attempts to escape, only for Bond to pursue on-foot. During the pursuit, White also escapes, and that sets events in motion for Bond to once again trot across the globe to learn more about Quantum and to find those he deems responsible for Vesper's death. The countdown crew give their thoughts on all of it, including whether QUANTUM OF SOLACE lives up to the extremely high bar set by CASINO ROYALE, whether the raw emotion of Craig's debut is carried through to his sophomore outing, and whether the performances of Craig, Judi Dench, and all the newcomers impress.

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